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Energy Australia Lithgow

The Lithgow region is an economy in transition. Where coal and energy production were the main economic drivers of the Lithgow economy, the region is now establishing itself as a diversified economy with new opportunities arising from new businesses coming into the area, the expansion and/or redevelopment of existing businesses and their sites and the development of new State Government initiatives such as the Gardens of Stone.

The region has unique competitive advantages including support for new forms of energy production, as well as infrastructure such as rail lines and highways. Lithgow sits between the two fast growing economies of Western Sydney and the Central West. Lithgow region is well positioned to take advantage of regional economic opportunities such as the new airport in Western Sydney and the establishment of a renewable energy zone.

Lithgow’s Gross Regional Product sits just under $1.3 billion, with economic output of $1.27 billion, and almost 1,300 businesses provide employment for a labour pool of over 8,600 jobs. The main sectors of employment are healthcare and social assistance, public administration and safety, retail, mining, accommodation and food services and construction.

Currently 80-90% of the regional workforce lives in the Lithgow region.

Business & Employment | employment opportunities
Westfund Lithgow
Business & Employment | employment opportunities
Gardens of Stone

The State Government has committed $50 million to the development of a new eco-tourism and adventure destination to be introduced in the Lithgow region. Over 30,000 hectares of NSW state forests, including the Gardens of Stone, will be part of the new project. The Lost City Adventure Experience will include Australia’s longest zipline and an elevated canyon walk.

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